Who We Are -  At Your Service

At Your Service has evolved from an experienced retirement village management and consultancy company called Vision Lifestyle Projects.  For over a decade Vision and their key staff have provided a quality and professional service delivery to retirement communities and established benchmarks to measure the best communities.


The reality is that only 5 percent of people aged 55+ move into retirement communities, so the vast majority decide to remain in their home or seek alternative accommodation.  At Your Service will provide services to people allowing them to remain safely and securely in their home and to make their life easier.


Home and garden maintenance, home care and housekeeping are all services enabling people to remain in their home, the personal wellbeing services is the gel that makes life easier, connecting people to activities, interests and personal services that promotes healthy living and also avoids social isolation.


The Property, Legal and Financial solutions provide our clients with trusted professional services when needed, be it referring a reputable real estate agent to sell your home, organising a move to an aged care facility, arranging a home equity release product to free up equity to allow you to remain in your home longer or simply to have a trusted person to mind your home whilst you travel.


Whatever you need, were at your service to make life easier.